Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Do you love photography?


Do you love photography? are you a beginner in photography ? Do u need experts tips and advice from professional photographer?

Basic fundamental to start photography as hobby and as professional photographer:
1. Just because someone has an expensive camera doesn't mean that they’re a good photographer.
2. Always shoot in RAW. Always.
3. Prime lenses help you learn to be a better photographer.
4. Photo editing is an art in itself.
5. The rule of third works 99% of the time.
6. Macro photography isn’t for everybody.
7. UV filters work just as well as lens caps.
8. Go outside and shoot photos rather than spending hours a day on photography forums.
9. Capture the beauty in the mundane and you have a winning photograph.
10. Spend less time looking at other people’s work and more time shooting your own.
11. Have at least 2 backups of all your images. Like they say in war, two is one, one is none.
12. Get closer when taking your photos, they often turn out better.
13. Be a part of scene while taking a photo, not a voyeur.
14. Taking a photo crouched often make your photos look more interesting. 
15. Worry less about technical aspects and focus more on compositional aspects of photography.
16. The more photos you take, the better you get.
17. Don’t be afraid to take several photos of the same scene at different exposures, angles, or apertures.
18. A point-and-shoot is still a camera.
19. Critique the works of others.
20. Think before you shoot
21. Simplicity is key.
22. Carry your camera with you everywhere.  Everywhere.
23. Shoot with confidence.
24. Photos make great presents.
25. Taking photos of strangers is thrilling.

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