Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Another Freedom 251? Docoss X1 Smartphone Launched at Rs. 888

Smartphone Launched at Rs. 888

Another Freedom 251? Docoss X1 Smartphone Launched at Rs. 888

The Indian smartphone segment saw a buzz in February when Ringing Bells unveiled its Freedom 251 smartphone at an incredible price of Rs. 251. The smartphone made headlines for few weeks, and caught attention of the entire nation. The Freedom 251 from Noida-based start-up Ringing Bells however soon lost its sheen. The smartphone was surrounded by controversies that even lead to an FIR registered against the makers. The biggest highlight of thesmartphone was its pricing rather than any specifications under the hood. The company received close to 60 million registrations in few days but after taking initial bookings for the handset, the Freedom 251 makers announced pre-booking money to be refunded to users and also confirmed that it would take cash on delivery, upon delivery. The first orders will be delivered in June.
Since then, another India-based brand - mPhone - made headlines about its range of smartphones, offering great specifications at good prices. Unlike with Ringing Bells, the controversy surrounding the makers of the mPhone 'Mango' smartphones was due to the financial state of the proprietors, who were reportedly arrested at the launch of the brand in India for bank fraud.
It is in this atmosphere of doubt for new Indian brands that a Jaipur-based company named Docoss has announced an entry-level smartphone for as little as Rs. 888. Deliveries of the smartphone are in the company's promotions said to begin from May 2, while pre-bookings close on Friday. 
The Docoss X1 is now available to pre-book, however, we recommend users stay away from the deal for now - as the transparency level of the makers in this case is even worse than Ringing Bells or mPhone. Apart from website issues, the entire pre-booking process is a little fishy, and the customer care evaded most of our questions.
Also notable, is that the Rs. 888 price is exclusive of taxes, but there is no clarity as to the total price inclusive of taxes. After failing to pre-book the smartphone via its website (we were shown an error), Gadgets 360 tried to reach out to the company via its customer care numbers. We were informed that customers will have to use the SMS booking system, detailed on the company's social media handles.
On checking about the delivery of the Docoss X1, a company representative repeated the steps to pre-book without talking about the availability of the handset. Much like Freedom 251, the Docoss officialsite keeps crashing but opens up after several refreshes. We tried to understand why the company isn't accepting the bookings via its official site, and the representative said that the pages are under maintenance. The launch was first reported by Phoneradar.
The representative explained that users can pre-order the handset which is available on cash on delivery by sending a text to 7666204430 with details such as Name, Address, and Pin Code. The company via its Facebook and Twitter handles explains users should not call on the SMS number, now discontinued, "Dear Users due to receiving calls on previous SMS centre number we are facing some issues on booking your order."
For specifications, the Docoss X1 features a 4-inch WVGA display; powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core processor; 1GB of RAM; 4GB of ROM; expandable storage support via microSD card (up to 32GB); GPRS/ EDGE; 3G; a 1300mAh battery; a 2-megapixel rear camera; a 0.3-megapixel front-facing camera, and Android 4.4.2 KitKat. It weighs 102 grams, and measures 122.2x64.4x9.3mm.
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Front Camera



 480x800 pixels




 Android 4.4.2



Rear Camera


Battery capacity


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    Saturday, April 23, 2016

    Economic growth is growth of Indian cities

    Economic growth is growth of Indian cities

    Nisha Desai Biswal

    The pace and scale of India's past and future urbanisation are simply staggering. Twenty-five years ago, if you drove 30 kilometres south of here to Gurgaon, you'd see mostly farmland, and the population then was about 120,000. Today, Gurgaon has 2.3 million residents and a gleaming skyline of glass and steel.

    India's cities have added 90 million new residents over the last 10 years, and in the next 15 years, 250 million more Indians will have moved into cities, bringing the urban population to some 600 million - nearly twice the population of the United States today. Delhi will likely surpass Tokyo to become the largest city in the world, and Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad will all become megacities, with over 10 million people each. The GDP (gross domestic product) of Mumbai's metro area alone will be larger than Malaysia's is today.

    So when we talk about economic growth in India, we're basically talking about the growth of its cities. Over the next decade and a half, India's cities could account for 70 per cent of all new jobs and 70 percent of GDP. The cities are where most of the one million people entering India's workforce every month will find their jobs. But to pull all this off will require a tremendous amount of investment - about $1 trillion over the next 15 years, an unprecedented amount of funding and about eight times what India is spending today. According to McKinsey, 70 to 80 per cent of the infrastructure that India needs by 2030 is yet to be built.

    It's a tall order, but if it's not filled, demand for affordable housing will be four times supply, demand for water will be two times supply, demand for sewage treatment will be three and half times supply. So the right investments in urban infrastructure and services will be critical for India's economic growth. The right policies could help India leverage its demographic dividend and launch hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and into the global middle class, transforming India and the region.

    India's economy could drive global economic growth, bringing shared prosperity across the world, including to the United States. And that is why we have made economic diplomacy such a major pillar of our relationship. Trade between our nations has grown by a factor of five over the last 15 years, to over $100 billion. And we are working hard to accelerate that growth. Last year, we elevated our economic ties by holding our first-ever Strategic and Commercial Dialogue. The new commercial track of the dialogue had several work streams, such as facilitating help to build India's smart cities, and strengthening the business climate.

    As part of that latter effort, we've also reinvigorated our CEO Forum, which gives our business leaders input into government policymaking in trade and investment, technology exchanges, and workforce development. We were also able to break through a deadlock on the Trade Facilitation Agreement at the WTO, and, through our Trade Policy Forum, we agreed on comprehensive work plans in services, agriculture, intellectual property, and manufacturing. These moves are already paying dividends, and American investors are showing with their dollars that they believe in India. According to data compiled by the US Treasury, our companies now invest more in Indian equities - over $12 billion in 2015 - than they do in China. And according to the US-India Business Council, US firms invested over $15 billion in India in the last two years, and will reportedly sign deals worth another $27 billion over the next two years.

    GST to pave way for better e-commerce; will be a game changer for economy: CII-Deloitte report

    India can achieve 8-10% growth in three years: Arvind Subramanian, CEA

    India can achieve economic growth rate of 8-10 per cent in the next three years, Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanian said.

    Indo-US ties can get a leg-up if India grows at 9-10%: Kant

    Indo-US ties can get a leg-up if India grows at 9-10%
    United States Ambassador to India Richard Verma with Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Niti Aayog Amitabh Kant releases a publication during the 24th Annual Meeting of American Chamber Of Commerce In India, in New Delhi

    CEO on Friday emphasised the need for India to grow by 9-10 per cent every year for at least three decades. This, he, said could be instrumental in taking to the next level. He asked the US to open up its services sector for India, which has been liberalising its economy.
    "It is possible to provide greater momentum, greater fillip to Indo-US relationship if India continues to grow rapidly. India is growing at about 7.5 per cent per annum. It's an oasis of growth in the midst of a very barren economic landscape," Kant said at an event organised by the American Chamber of Commerce in India.
    "But, the challenge for India is to grow at 8-9-10 per cent per annum, year after year, for three decades or more. Only when we grow at those rates, will our (Indo-US) relationship get strengthened," he added.
    Kant also spoke about the importance of taking several measures for India to grow at this clip. He said the US should do its bit for imparting greater momentum to the bilateral ties.
    Another factor that could aid such growth is to make India an easy country to do business with, Kant stressed. "We need to make things very easy, and this government is determined to do this... We have done away with a number of approval processes at the central level."
    In a presentation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Kant had on Thursday said growing by 10 per cent a year would transform India to become a $10-trillion economy with no poverty in 2032.
    The economy is officially expected to have grown 7.6 per cent in 2015-16. The government expected the economy to expand 7-7.75 per cent this year. However, it also keeping its fingers crossed for the India Meteorological Department's prediction of above-normal monsoon rains to come true, in which case the economy might grow 8-8.5 per cent for 2016-17. Only once did India's economy witness a two-digit growth since independence - 10.2 per cent in 1988-89.
    Kant was of the view that although Indo-US relationship has done "very well" during the past year, it is yet to be fully tapped and can be taken to far greater heights.
    Kant acknowledged that the more the market opens up, the greater is the scope for manufacturing expansion. He called upon the US to roll out a red carpet to the Indian service sector and software companies.
    "While I advocate free trade for India, I must say while India is becoming more and more open, the US should also open its services sector for Indians to go and work there. There can't be a half-way house," he noted.
    Last year, the US Congress imposed a special fee of up to $4,500 on H-1B and L-1 visas - popular among Indian IT companies - to fund a 9/11 healthcare Act and biometric tracking system. While agreeing on the $1.1-trillion spending Bill, Congressional leaders decided to impose a special fee of $4,000 on certain categories of H-1B visas and $4,500 on L-1 visas.