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There are simple ways to clean viruses in our computers. You can make your own antivirus with a simple but powerful software built using the Windows named Notepad. Apart from minor product files, notepad can save files to a variety of other applications programs, such as html, java script and so on. 

However, the virus that can be eliminated by our anti-virus is only a low level as macro viruses and an equal. For heavy virus, would have to use anti-virus that is more powerful. However, this tutorial can teach you the basic knowledge about how you can create your own anti-virus.

Type the following code into Notepad:

@ echo off
echo off turn off the active virus
taskkill / F / IM virusname1.exe / IM virusname2.exe
echo Deleting all of viruses based on size
for / RC: \%% a in (*. exe) do if%% ~ za 157,184 equ del / A: HSRA "%% a"
echo deleting hidden virus 
echo for drive c and subfolders
for / R C: \%% a in (*. doc.exe) do del "%% a"
echo for drive d and subfolders
for / R D: \%% a in (*. doc.exe) do del "%% a"
echo Unhide Document 
cd / d c: \
echo for drive C and subfolders
*. doc attrib-H-S-A / S
cd / d d: \
echo for drive D and subfolders
*. doc attrib-H-S-A / S

Save the file with .bat extension, For example tavasantivirus.bat. then go to command prompt and run the Notepad file or simply double click the "tavasantivirus.bat" file.

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